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P-TECH Students at Rosebud Lott attend 2-day Game Changer training.

 CSN had the privilege to visit Rosebud Lott ISD to implement our Game Changer Training! We loved our group of students and teachers. Way to go team!

Rankin ISD Participates In Game Changer Training

On May 21, 2022 teachers and students went through the Game Changer Training at Rankin, ISD. The 20 participants engaged in social and emotional leadership activities, carefully designed by Dr. Kate Cirillo, to support and encourage students and staff in the development of highly valuable skillsets . This training  focused on the skills needed to create a questioning culture that finds, frames, and solves problems , uncovering new opportunities and overcoming challenges in the educational environment. By the end of the day, participants walked away with the ability to recognize and dissolve the barriers restricting their creative capacity through ...
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We Started A Podcast!

On episode one of the Career Skills Network podcast, Kenzie Oswalt invites Dr. Kathleen Cirillo to talk about the inspiration behind her non-profit and how to transform school culture and classrooms into relational, mission-minded champions through fun-filled, ground-breaking, research-based trainings. 

CTSO Student Leaders Participate in Game Changer Training

In October 2021 – Dr. Cirillo presented a 1-day version of the Game Changer training for the CTSO leader students at Spring Branch ISD. The students did an amazing job!

Spring Branch ISD/Teacher Training: Living Above The Line Performance: 1-Day Event

In October 2021 – Dr. Cirillo presented a 1-day version of Living Above the Line Performance for the CTE teachers in Spring Branch ISD. Way to go teachers!

Valero Funds the Game Changer Training Hosted by George West High School.

Valero Funds the Game Changer Training Hosted by George West High School. In May 2021, students attended a two-day Game Change training at George West High School. For two days, students were participating in this highly-interactive social, emotional and leadership skill-building event.All lessons focused on building bravery, social-skills, kindness, empathy, trustworthiness, self-awareness, self-control, self-motivation and optimism.Students also learned and practice the wellness principles of high-performing athletes and executives.One hundred percent of the students said they would highly recommend this training to their friends! If you want more information about how to bring the Game Ch...
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