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Above the Line Performance Training

Performance Training for Teachers, Administrators, and Professionals

Above the Line Performance Training is much more than a "sit and get" experience. It is a research-based, 2 day participatory and skill-building process that involves facilitator modeling, feedback, coaching, and a variety of other interactive teaching strategies.
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Above the Line Performance Training is much more than a "sit and get" experience. Our research-based, 2 day interactive process brings out the best in your staff and creates unified, mission-minded champions and a positive school culture and climate. 
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Above the Line Performance Training is research-based. Research on our methods found that our  training leads to an increase in teacher-student connectedness, positive staff work attitude/morale, and improved social, emotional, and physical health of employees. We also found a decrease in classroom discipline issues and teacher absenteeism. Interested yet?

You and Your Staff Will:

Develop trust and care about one another and find joy in the workplace.

Live by an agreement that emphasizes respecting and valuing one another.
Become "mission-minded" champions who have a "growth-mindset" and a "can do" attitude, giving their best 100% assuming responsibility for their actions and outcomes.
Be committed to participating in Intentional Behavior Practices that positively affect work attitude, staff morale and absenteeism thereby decreasing the tremendous cost of employee turnover.
Understand the benefits of living personal wellness practices that decrease stress and increase performance.
Have a desire for feedback and coaching - always looking to improve and strive for service delivery excellence.

These above behavioral outcomes only occur when top performance is the norm and below the line behaviors are appropriately addressed; always "calling-out" greatness in your staff. Achieving Above the Line Performance requires leadership that is committed to the creation of positive relationships and a culture that models and fosters individual and collective excellence in performance.



Effects of the Above the Line Performance training on teacher-student connectedness, discipline management, work attitude/staff morale, and emotional/social/physical health of school personnel.

by Kathleen Cirillo, Ph.D., Carol Foust, Ph.D., and John LeTellier, MA.

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