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Sebring School District continues Game Changer Training through weekly Game Changer Challenges

In the 2020-21 school year, Sebring School District continued their Game Changer efforts by implementing Career Skills Network's weekly Game Changers Challenges. Hosted by Careefree Education Service Group, a virtual training was provided for the teachers on how to use the Game Changer curricula in August 2020, and then were provided access to 36 Game Changer Challenge Videos, graphics and several complied YouTube clips highlighting and challenged students, staff and parents to practice Game Changer Terrific 10 Behaviors. Each week, a different challenge was presented on video. Students, teachers and parents had the opportunity to practice that challenge throughout the week. What is truly unifying in Sebring is that the entire school and community was practicing the same Game Changer Behavior each week, stated Dr. Kathleen Cirillo, Executive Director of Career Skills Network. For participation in these challenges, the students have opportunity to win prizes as well! Way to Go Sebring!

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